Why Hispanos should leave the Democratic Party

January 20, 2013

I recently wrote a letter to our local newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, in response to an editorial written by Mr. Clyde J. Aragon, who’s thesis was that the Democratic party and it’s liberal-progressive ideology which many Hispanos–especially traditional Hispanos–espouse, actually keeps us down and subservient as second class citizens. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Aragon on this issue and here is my letter in response to his.

Kudos to Mr. Clyde J. Aragon on a very well written and articulated letter to the editor in today’s journal. His thesis that Hispanics can live happily—and productively—without relying on old worn out democratic demagoguery not only resonates with me, but with countless other Hispanics and other peoples of color who have dared to break the shackles of liberal democratic ideology to experience free and independent thought.

For those of us that are willing to engage in free and independent thinking and rise up above the din of liberal and democratic fear mongering and propaganda, we can readily appreciate how democratic and liberal philosophy has pandered to us while at the same time keeping us from not only reaching our God given potential or manifest destiny in a country of opportunity as individuals– but as a people as well!

Plying us with platitudes, promises, and entitlements does nothing for us in fostering a sense of accomplishment, self respect, self-sufficiency, or community within the greater community we call America! Spreading fear and anti-conservative propaganda amongst us does nothing for us but keep us in a state of alienation and occupation in a country we call home.

Close inspection of this philosophy can only lead to one conclusion: To keep us in a perpetual state of dependency (and presumed “gratefulness”) and second class citizenship to the state and or democratic leaders.

The evidence is clear. Just this week Obama and his advisers have openly stated that they will forego the “white working class vote” in order to concentrate their efforts on affluent intellectuals and minorities. Now, on first glance, this would seem an admission that Mr. Obama and the democrat liberals could not garner the “working class white vote” of who many of them (remember, Unions are full of “working class whites”) voted for him! No, their motive is much more insidious and sinister and formulated to propagate their secular-socialist movement and “take over” of this land of opportunity. To that end, they will need to incite race and class warfare and what better way to do that then to keep us divided into black and white, brown and white, 1% and 99%, and “the have and the have nots”.

So why pander to and solicit the emotions and sympathies of the affluent intellectuals and the “have not” minorities? The reasoning is logical and simple: As a class, affluent intellectuals (owners and members of the main stream media, college professors, OWS protesters, environmentalists, and etc) tend to be secular liberals and democrats who strongly believe that a benevolent and paternalistic government knows much better—than we the people—how to govern ourselves and to administer a just and equal society while the minorities, as a class, also tend to be liberal democrats who strongly believe themselves to be the rightful beneficiaries of any and all programs and entitlements such a government can and will provide for them. What better combination of philosophies and forces does one need to foment class rivalry, jealousy, and resentment within and against the despotic and greedy 1%?

This philosophy can only lead to one thing: Class warfare and an inexorable path to an authoritarian government administering to a proletariat class, i.e., at best, socialism and, at worse, communism.

I close this letter with this thought that has served as my beacon through the stormy seas to the shores of success: “Liberals believe that racism is inherent in conservative ideology and if a person of color dares to escape liberal indoctrination in order to think freely, then he or she is an “Uncle Tom” or a “Tio Taco”…but what I think is really racist, is liberal ideology trying to keep me in a proletariat class and out of the “1%” in a country where at least that opportunity exists!”

Thank you Sr. Aragon! We are indeed a people with a spine and with a proud and noble heritage built on hard work, sacrifice, self-sufficiency, industriousness, and more importantly—pride! We will no longer be dependent on no one and second to none!

John R. Vigil, MD, MBA


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