Saving America’s Young People from the Dark Side

February 24, 2013

What is the biggest problem with our country today? Is it the Democrats? Is it the Republicans? Is it our government all together? Why are things not running as smoothly for America as it did just twenty or so short years ago? What can we place this blame on for such a drastic change in our country? What is the problem? I ask myself these questions often and rack my brain for the real answers. I think to myself, if only this person would be in our Government and if only this person would not be then maybe things would be different. But would this solve our problems? Who needs to change first: the American people or the people running America? This question reminds me of the chicken and egg question and what came first? So I ask the same with the government and the people, what came first? Of course the people came first. So this can answer my question; the people of America need a real change before our Government is going to change. We need to work to change our people and children before we can demand a change in our government.

Growing up in a small town in New Mexico I was blessed to witness America at a good time. Born in the eighties, I saw America thriving. I was surrounded by hard working ranchers and farmers and I remember thinking to myself as a child, I can’t wait to grow up and have a ranch and family of my own, where we would work hard and play hard, and live a normal American life. Everyone seemed fairly happy back then. Of course not everything was perfect, but it was good. My siblings and I had great childhoods. We were around every animal you could think of, we played outside from sunrise to well after sunset, we watched football on Sundays, and good clean family television on the weekday evenings; Little House on the Prairie was my favorite. We always felt safe at school and at home. We knew our place in the world and knew when to shut up in public and only spoke when spoken to. We said “thank you” and “please”, along with “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”. We feared our elders, knowing they knew much more than us, so we treated them with respect, and were eager and willing to learn as much as we could from them. Our parents, hardworking and full of selflessness, were our heroes and we looked forward to following in their footsteps. We were carefree and happy. Looking back I know I took this all for granted.

As I navigated my way through college and my early twenties its safe to say I ignored what was happening in the outside world. Perhaps this is the age when people are basically selfish, but not much else mattered to me besides what my plans were for the following weekend. After I finished college and moved back to my hometown reality hit me hard, and from every direction. Things in my hometown were not the same as I once remembered. Once busy restaurants and stores were closed, residents that used to wear easy smiles now seemed wore out and tired. People that used to ranch and farm seemed obsolete, and the ones that were left did not have as much land or cattle as they once did, nor did they see opportunities in their futures or for they now grown kids, and it showed in their eyes. This town that used to be a thriving place lost its sparkle, and I realized I had been throw into a legitimate twilight zone.

I work with the public day after day and I have seen a drastic change in the type of people that fill my hometown. Many of my peers I went to school with are now certified train wrecks. Girls in their early and mid twenties have multiple children from different fathers. Most of the well abled young men do not work nor do they seem worried about looking for work. They, too busy getting another tat, drinking another beer, taking another hit of their drug of choice, cannot hold down a job but make sure to get food stamps and any other government handout they can think of. Young preteen girls and boys talk of subjects beyond their years, cussing so much they would make any sailor blush. All that kids care about is Kim Kardashian or the celebrity of the week, that became famous after doing not much of anything at all. They want all the stuff they see on TV: fancy phones, cars, clothes, as do their parents even though they are making a living off an unemployment check. They do not know the worth of a dollar and what hard work is. They have no sense of accomplishment and feel as though life should hand them the things they think they deserve. The hard working families left here seem to have lost their drive and are tired of supporting much of the community. They feel as though once they take a step forward they always take two steps back. They are starting to learn it is impossible to make a good honest living in this dying town.

I keep thinking everyday something has to give. But it cannot be the working people; they soon will not have much more to give. And it cannot be the Government any longer, seeing we are completely broke! Something in this system is not working. Something is going to have to change. At the rate we are going now, children are being raised to expect to be given things. In my community, people living off of Government aide seem to be increasing in droves. It seems impossible to protect your children from being brainwashed into thinking they are entitled to things without working for them first. They see their peers getting things without their parents working and they think to themselves, “I want something for free too”. This way of thinking is poisonous and very tempting. I believe the majority of children, teenagers, and young adults in their twenties and even thirties are more likely to fall into this way of living without thinking about the repercussions. I can picture very few of them wondering, “What is the Government getting out of this deal?”. They think this is a way of life and do not put much thought into it beyond that. Of course these are all assumptions I am making of their thoughts, but I have been around so many of these people I have become pretty familiar with their thought process.

But they do need to be asking themselves, “What is the Government getting out of this deal?”. Too many of our young people and my fellow peers are falling into this way of life without questioning it. It is easier for them to go to the unemployment office than to go look for work; it is easier for them to get food stamps than to first cut things out of their budgets, such as tattoos, weed, or beer. Young people are allowed to live beyond their means without feeling the real consequences of this bad habit, by getting so much Government aide. Instead of learning to budget their money they should be working for, they think the Government will always be there to bail them out. But again, what is the Government getting back in return for all this “free stuff”? Firstly, the Government is creating a huge mass of low information voters by holding a carrot of free stuff in front of young people’s noses. Personally, I heard countless peers of mine say they were going to vote for Obama because he “helps” them. By helping them with Government programs, the Government is able to keep them happy, therefore few of them question the Government’s true intentions. They expect this “help” from the Government, instead of helping themselves. They become very dependent on this “help” and this is what the Government gets in return for it: control.

This is where we the people need to come in and make a change. We need to change this society of ours that is driven by feel good freebies and obscene oblivion. We need to turn our children and young people away from the dark side and show them a life of hard work and honest living is preferable to sitting like a bump on a log and not getting much self satisfaction out of anything they do. Our Government is not going to change until our society changes, until this way of thinking, or I suppose lack of thinking, changes. These people which have fallen into the welfare vortex need to feel what it is to be self reliant; to know they can live under any condition and be able to withstand it. They need to feel what it is to take care of their children without any Government aide and to take pride in that fact. Once they experience this pride of self reliance they will have the confidence to control their own lives. They will understand people are better off controlling their own lives; they will not want Government to be involved in anything they worked so hard for. We need to show our children this is the only way to live a satisfactory life. Until this happens, I believe our young people will continue to vote in politicians that do not have the American people nor the Constitution in their best interests. We need to reach out to young people the best way we can and remind them that America was not a country built by people looking for a free ride, America was built by people creating their own rides.

Candace Major

I would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this article. This is my first blog and I am very excited to find a place where I can share my ideas, feelings, and thoughts. I am a young Conservative that recieved my Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing from New Mexico State University. I do not write for a living but decided to start writing again to spread the ideas of Conservatism. As a young American I worry about the direction our country is heading and am going to try my hardest to help put it back on the right track. I love my country and I love my state and could not imagine living any other place in this world.


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